Government and Corporate Catering

Company & Business Meetings

Corporate groups generally prefer professionally prepared and served food and beverages. This allows the hosts to concentrate on their personal, social, and business activities. And, as a bonus, they can leave the clean up to someone else.

Breakfast Buffet

Service types include Continental, Inter-Continental, and All American Breakfast. Fresh fruits and yogurt, breads and pastries by the piece, interactive stations, coffee station.  Beverages include canned sodas & bottled water, specialty juices & drinks

Hot Lunch Buffet

1 entree and 2 sides. Soup, salad, sandwiches and wraps.  Beverages include canned sodas & bottled water, specialty juices & drinks


Employee Appreciation

Success is never an easy task and developing a great team of employers is no walk in the park. Business owners need a celebration of Honor as well as their employees do.

Social Events

Everyday thousands of business and social groups get together for their members to enjoy each other’s company and a wonderful display of tasteful goods.

Contracted Food and Beverage services

The Mission Kitchen welcomes the opportunity to provide outstanding “fast casual and counter” food and beverage services to your company. Our menus and service cater to the specific details of your needs. Be it short term or long term we can draw up a contract to suit your agenda.



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