Robert A. Moore, Jr.

It is my joyous privilege to recommend the extraordinary skills of Chef Johnny Scott. On at least two occasions Johnny used his talents to serve about 100 of our European military missionaries gathered in Germany for their annual leadership training conference. Johnny couples his passion for serving others with his extraordinary talents as a chef. Our budget for the event was very limited but Mr. Scott served us a four-course meal that rivaled a presentation from a Michelin 3-Star restaurant. While in conversation with Johnny I soon became aware of at least one source of his excellence in food-service—his Passion. Johnny views his vocation as a ‘calling from God’ and his skillfulness as an innate ‘gifting’ he has sought to diligently uncover, develop and employ to give glory to His creator. When he recently told me of the opening of “The Mission Kitchen” Washington, D.C., everything about this announcement evoked an enthusiastic “YES!” I enthusiastically recommend his services to any and all who appreciate excellence, skill and passion in food services.
Robert A. Moore, Jr., CEO of Freedom Outreach - Ministry to the Military

Brandie Newell

Johnny is an amazing person and a patient teacher. I have always dreaded cooking- it stresses me out. I don't feel like I know what I am doing or that I"m doing it correctly. Johnny started giving cooking classes, and after attending those classes I felt my confidence soar. He showed me new ways to cook foods that I would have never known. Now when I cook my kiddos lick the pan clean, and I have Johnny to thank!

Simone Bryant (Daughter of Zion)

I was very honored to have Jonny Scott cater my “WHO AM I” Cd Release Party! Everything was done in the Spirit of Excellence! I was so thankful! There was plenty of food and it was well prepared! DELICIOUS! Everyone who came out loved it! I definitely would recommend him to any and everyone and I look forward to working with him again!

Carlethea Davis

I would like to take the time out to say a few kinds words to Johnny and Mardela Scott. I had a chance to experience their expertise in baking me a birthday cake. I would like to say the efforts that were taken to make this cake as well the details that was put into it. I had never had a cake not to only look good but tasted phenomenal. I did not even want to cut the cake because it looked just that good. It was made with the fondue icing. Also, was able to use this service for a birthday party for my children. The dishes that were prepared was just enough with even some extras with to pass out. It was just enough for the amount of people that was there. Very tasty original. The service was great, friendly, not costly at all. I would recommend to any one needing a good caterer for any occasion.

Jennie Humann

I had the honor of partaking in Johnny's cuisine as he catered a leadership event in Germany. He was gracious enough to also help us meal plan and prep (as a volunteer) for our youth camps for military teens in Belgium. I am thrilled that Chef Johnny is here in Northern Virginia as we fully expect to use his services as much as possible for all our catering needs." Jennie Humann, International Director for Jacob's Generation and Co-Director for Freedom Outreach International, Washington DC Branch

Mary Samsock

I recently went to a retirement ceremony for my co-worker...The Mission Kitchen did an AMAZING job of catering for 100+ people. The spread of food was absolutely DELICIOUS-- from the turkey with jerk sauce juice to the spinach wraps to the shrimp (with an unbelievable spin on cock-tail sauce)! There was something for everyone! In addition to the food-- the service was impeccable! I loved the caterers and how accommodating and cheerful they were throughout the event.I definitely will be recommending the Mission Kitchen to others =)!

Mary Samsock

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