Full service catering by head chef Johnny Scott

The Mission Kitchen is a full service caterer serving the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area.

We provide services to government and corporate clients, as well as private in-home catering.

Offering cuisine inspired by adventure!

We serve a healthy selection of delicious cuisine inspired by travel and training in kitchens worldwide.

Exceptional Custom Catering

We cater to large public and private-sector groups as well as for intimate gatherings or family celebrations.

Learn to cook with a professional chef

We offer cooking classes followed by lunch or dinner enjoying the dishes you’ve learned to prepare.

How can we help you achieve your goal of a successfully catered event?

Please feel free to explore our services and contact us for questions or just to say “hi”.


We offer cuisine inspired by adventure!


Our Vision – is to bring locally and internationally inspired cuisine to your table, building client relations and trust.

Our Mission – is to execute a quality of service that highlights detail, consistency, customer value and quality of food.

Personal Chef Service

Have you ever considered having a wonderfully prepared gourmet meal in the privacy of your own home kitchen?  Or, Maybe consider inviting a few friends over for a Private VIP dining experience!

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From local inspirations to international destinations, our chefs have studied and perfected dishes inspired by Italy, France, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Haiti, Belgium, Peru, Philippines, Brazil, Africa, Holland, and Iran. As a result, the Mission Kitchen offers a delicious menu of unique flavors and food pairings.

Whether you are looking for an uplifting catering experience for your corporate event or private party, or are seeking a personal chef service, the Mission Kitchen will bring personal and professional service with a warm and inviting presence.

We even offer cooking classes in a hands-on or demonstration style which can be followed by a seated lunch or dinner where you’ll enjoy the dishes you’ve learned to prepare.